Tensions due to lots of events, sb. Hidden in company to screw it, nobody can solve it

Buddha , four gods, here’s for hot springs, heat ur body, go sweating ,

Same bucks, I would rather go kenting, well. At least, forgot sth , leave it behind, send quotations anywhere, go busy anytime

The annoying student, popping up sequences of questions, one after one, 1st question from customer service, arguing that I didn’t mount the question, then I urged that it’s mounted on platform when I finished the recording, but coming another qs, he wanted the answers, what did he really want ? To screw me or the company ?

The evils got ill will, always screwing the chat group, in order to block the messages that we want to send ? Only he may do the broadcasting?

Wolf’s in front of us, tiger tracing behind us, bombs kept sending to criticize customer service

No even pennies for the guessing right? Sad we got five members to pass the exams ? Huge humiliations

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