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寫一篇警大研究所 入學考試的英文作文。要不要查字典 ?

Possible essay:

Title: Pursuing Graduate Studies at the Police College of Taiwan

As a young adult who aspires to make a positive impact on society and to develop my professional skills, I am eager to apply for the graduate program at the Police College of Taiwan. The reasons for my interest in this program are threefold: my academic background, my career goals, and my personal values.

Firstly, my academic background has prepared me well for the rigors of graduate studies in criminal justice, law enforcement, and related fields. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminology from a reputable university, where I learned about the theories, methods, and applications of crime prevention, investigation, and punishment. I also had the opportunity to do an internship at a local police station, where I observed the daily operations of patrol, traffic control, and community policing. These experiences have sparked my curiosity and passion for law enforcement and public service, and I am eager to delve deeper into the academic and practical aspects of these fields.

Secondly, my career goals align with the mission and vision of the Police College of Taiwan. I aspire to become a police officer who not only enforces the law but also builds trust, respect, and cooperation with the community. I believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to equip myself with the latest knowledge, skills, and values that are relevant to the evolving challenges of crime, justice, and public safety. I also hope to learn from the experienced faculty members and fellow students of the Police College of Taiwan, who come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Lastly, my personal values emphasize the importance of integrity, empathy, and excellence in all aspects of life. I believe that a police officer should not only uphold the law but also respect human rights, diversity, and fairness. I also believe that a police officer should constantly strive to improve oneself and to serve the community with compassion and professionalism. These values are consistent with the principles and standards of the Police College of Taiwan, which aims to produce ethical and competent leaders in law enforcement and related fields.

In conclusion, I am highly motivated to pursue graduate studies at the Police College of Taiwan, and I am confident that I have the academic preparation, career goals, and personal values that are aligned with the mission and vision of the college. I am excited to contribute to the academic and practical learning environment of the college, to learn from the experts and peers, and to develop my professional and personal potential. Thank you for considering my application.

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