2nd time for this noodle stand “haohaochu”

Front door with the largest table
Egg tofu with pig scalp

Here we go the main dish . Onion noodles

spring Onion noodles

spring Onion noodles , sure it tastes like the mix of pig oil with the spring onion and the noodles, encountering the memory of my childhood, parents working in farm, I am out of school , the kid’s getting hungry, better do the spring onion noodle by myself. Different style, must be nice fir the old man. The me’em is working there , seeing the Budapest cap , remembering who am I, coz we ordered lots of meals here due to my first visit, and the good briefing for the noodle restaurant.

_ssdbhadra Ps lots of men and ol r having the meals there at lunch,,,,

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